11 August 2011

Uh, right....

I can't believe, looking at my last post, that I haven't written in nearly a year. I've wanted to write. But I wasn't sure I had much to say. I wasn't sure anyone would read it. I didn't know for sure if I could even write well anymore. But today, a very wise person said, "If you want to write, write!" and so here I am.

I think that part of the issue is that I was writing aimlessly. I was writing just to write. And that's okay, sometimes. But I feel like right now, I'm at a crossroads. I have spent the last year with my husband away. I've been somewhere in between depressed and just plain tired. I've held it together. I've fed my children and done the work that absolutely had to get done. I've held onto my good friends and I've learned a thing or two. But I don't really feel like I've done any of it very well. I want to do more and be more, but I want to be realistic about it, too.

The truth is, I miss writing. And I want to be organized. And I want the house to be neat enough all the time that if a friend stops by, I don't mind letting her in. I want my kids to have their friends over whenever they want, and I want to have some fun spontaneous outings as a family because we can. I want to get in shape and lose the extra 30 pounds I've picked up along the way. I want to travel more and tell you about it. I want to savor life. I want to get my life together. Not that I have to be perfect....that's not my goal. I just have to be comfortable where I am. That's my goal...to get better, and to be comfortable with where I am.

I was once asked to describe my blog. Am I a "Mommy blogger"? Or a "healthy lifestyle" blogger? What do I blog about? And I don't know how to explain it. So I'll just blog about my life, and my journey. Thanks for joining me.