08 January 2010

A New Start:

Why a new blog? What was wrong with my old blog? I don't know, actually. It's a time for new beginnings, I guess. I wasn't writing, even though I wanted to. I wasn't able to come up with interesting blog posts or things to keep your attention or witty remarks. I was stuck.

But one of my desires is to share the journey we'll go through from now, preparing for D.'s deployment later this year, into the time he is away, and once he is home. We've been through this before, though this time will be much different for many reasons. But one thing I've learned is that I HAVE to be honest about the things I'm going through: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

So here goes!!


Mommy X said...

I'm here with you, girl. I want to be on the journey with you. Let's also make a point of seeing each other some time. What do you think? XO Love ya!

Stella said...

I'm here, too!
Sending lots of strength and prayers from NJ! Wish I was closer!

melissa said...

i'm so glad you've started blogging again. my very first blog friend!!
welcome back honey!!